About Indimammoth

Rooted in the “city of joy” Kolkata, where the old world charm merges seamlessly with the vibrant new age, Indimammoth is a compact team of innovative and ingenious thinkers.

Sometimes, it’s not that bad to be the proverbial Black Sheep and stand out rather than blending in with the crowd. More so when it comes to things that define your identity.

Therefore, to enliven your lives, we at Indimammoth follow a special recipe to make our products. 5 spoonfuls of swag, 3 cups of Desi chill, generous sprinkling of attitude and swaad anusar namak  added to the bubbling/ simmering ideas of the designers to create unforgettable products for you.

Lastly each of our products are garnished with love, novelty and authenticity.

Presently, we are coming to you with our range of  Phone Cases, T- shirts and Tote bags but we promise that we at Indimammoth are cracking our brains and toiling hard to come up with more attractive lifestyle products to live up to the literal meaning of our name -“mammoth”.